Sponsorship Peter Phillips

We at Whatley Lane Solicitors understand the difficulties faced by young people today in this difficult economic climate. We believe that the successful hosting of the Olympics in 2012 will provide a great boost not only to the economy but to the morale of this country and its young sporting stars. It is our duty to invest in and assist our young people and the Olympics are truly inspiring us to do more.

Since January 2010 we have been sponsoring Peter Phillips who specialises and hopes to compete in the 400 metres his personal best (PB) is 47.85. Peter is also training for the 100 metres (PB 11.23) and 200 metres (PB 22.24) . Whilst a great deal of hard work will be required from Peter personally at least he will not have to worry about the financial burden of suitable training kit and club membership.

Peter’s other interests are in Film Making, Video Games, UFC and Arsenal FC. He is intending to go to Kenya over the Easter break to spend some time training in the high altitude and also in his spare time hopes to be able to do charitable works with orphans.

We hope to bring you updates on his progress so please watch this space!

22nd January 2013

Hi all, it’s been a busy few months, meeting up with family and friends but my training has continued at a high level. I am now introducing weights to build up the strength required to run the 400m with a much more attacking style. My endurance runs mean I can train for longer, harder and will start the season with the strength to improve on my times. I have been invited to the European Indoor Trials which I hope to use as a marker to see where I am.

I will be up against the best competition in the UK and will have to run very fast times to progress, I am using the indoors for experience as the session will be televised and the call up times and preparations are similar to major competition timings. I believe this experience will help me greatly.

I want to say Happy New year and Xmas to all. I know with your help this year will be successful and will lead me on to the next step of my athletics career. Thank-you for your help.

Peter Phillips

Mid Winter Update.

Hi All, I hope all is well with everyone, it’s been a hard two months since I contacted you last. I have been training 5 days a week working on building my endurance in the track sessions and working on keeping my heart rate high in the gym sessions. I have new spikes and kit thanks to your donations which are greatly appreciated. I have been shortlisted to run in the Trials for the European Indoor Championships and will most likely attend although Indoors is not my goal. If you would like any more detailed info just ask and I’ll get it to you. I hope all is good, Regards.

13th September 2012

Hi All, as you all know I have spent the last week in Italy competing. The good news is I have a new PB in the 200m of 22.01 that’s two tenths of a second off of my old PB with only having done two 200m races this year. Unfortunately I could not do the same in the 400m, the conditions, although hot, where windy in the back straight, even so I still managed to run a strong time of 48.58 which was two seconds ahead of my nearest rival. The fact I was so far ahead also meant it was hard to run fast as there was no substantial competition to race and its very hard to push in the last 100m on your own. The overall trip was fantastic as it gave me an insight to running in different countries something that I will be doing in future seasons. After three races 400m 200m and the 4x400m and three golds I was also awarded best technical performance of the event. All in all it was a good trip but most of all a very important experience.

This season is now over and it’s into winter training which will be more intense then ever. I will start training on the 24th of September as I’m going to have a few weeks rest so my body can recover from the long season.

I thank-you for your continued support and look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Peter Phillips.

3rd September 2012

Hi all, I wanted to let you know what the plan is. I’m heading off to Italy on Thursday to run in an Inter-Club and Country Competition. I will be running the 4x400m the 400m individual and maybe even the 4x100m this will be my last race of the season before I go back to hard winter training. I just wanted to thank you all for helping me this season without you many of my races would have been really hard to get to. My performance so far this year has been solid and I believe will jump to the next level.

With this race being abroad, it means there are no distractions and I can concentrate fully on my race without having to worry about who I’m competing against or the weather etc. I believe I will come back with some good news and PBs thanks for your Support.
Peter Phillips

 20th August 2012

Good news! I ran a season best at the competition in Eton, running 47.95 to place second in the race. It was a great run from all the way out in lane 8 and shows me that I can stick to a plan as I couldn’t judge the pace on the other runners. I stayed relaxed and controlled all the way through the line and I believe I still have room to improve as I finished very hard. In my next race I will begin to wind up the speed with 150m to go rather then 130m which will see me run faster still.

I want to say thanks for your support and I look forward to running in the Inter-Counties Championships on the 25th and 26th. I’ll be in contact soon.

Regards, Peter Phillips

P.S. – Herne Hill Harriers got promoted into the Premiership!!! That means next season the races will be a lot tougher but I’ll be ready.

 10th August 2012

I had an amazing experience last week running in the Olympic stadium, we came 2nd in the 4x400m. It was great fun and an amazing experience, understanding the whole call up process as the event was run exactly like it will be in the 4x400m later on this week (it was a test event). I have my final British League Competition coming up on the 18th at Eton and then on the 25th and 26th I have the Inter-Counties Competition, and to round off the year a trip to Italy. So I have about four more 400m races to push my time down and I know I can do it.


31st July 2012

I’m happy to say that this weekend I ran a strong time of 48.30 the only bad part of the race is that the electronic timing did not respond to the gun so the timing was performed by hand which can be 0.50 out either way. I believe this was a sub 48 run and so did my fellow athletes watching but the time is the time.

I went out a lot harder and attacked the first 200m with confidence taking the man on the outside of me within 100m. It was my best run so far in the British League I came 2nd and scored some solid points for the team.

In three weeks time I have my final British League race at Eton and the week after that an Inter Counties Competition in Bedford, which you are more then welcome to come and watch, this competition is on the 25th and 26th of August.

And then finally after all of that I have my trip to Italy on the 6th to the 9th of September. With all that coming in such a short amount of time I really want to thank you for your help and commitment.

Regards, Peter Phillips

24th July 2012

I had a small open meeting on the weekend and ran 22.25 in the 200m and 48.44 in the 400m. This weekend I have a British league Competition which will mean a high quality race and the conditions look to be great. I believe that just concentrating on the 400m this weekend will mean I can fully commit with no doubts in my mind from having tired legs! I’m looking forward to it and I’m looking forward to posting a new personal best time very soon.

Next month I hope to enter the track in some new kit thanks to you [Whatley lane], and push it to the next level in Italy in the following month.

Thanks for your continued help.

3rd July 2012

Just wanted to say thank you for your support and give you an update.

All is going well this season and now we are into July I am hitting my peak. I have ran low 48 three times this year, a feat I have never achieved so early in the season. I feel that a big jump is coming I have several more British league races to run. I’m happy to say that is looking like we may be promoted into the Premiership as a club by the end of the season this means next season we will be running against the very best in the country. Also I have been invited to Run in Italy in early September which looks to be a great end to the season. I hope that you can continue to help me as there will be some cost involved with running in Italy in September.

As always thank you for your support.

12th June 2012

I ran in the Bedford international games at the weekend and look to be coming into form I ran a 48.20 which I believe is the beginning of a break through its only 0.35 off my PB and its only the very start of the season.I’ll keep you up to date over the coming weeks31st May 2012

I just wanted to let you know that I ran last weekend and clocked a Seasons Best of 48.36! This weekend I am traveling to Birmingham to run in the English Championships where I believe I will run a PB. I’m looking for low 47s or high 46s to move myself up to the next level. My training has given me a lot of stamina and its now time to get the speed in place. This race should be recorded so I’ll send you a link when its up.

15th May 2012
Just wanted to say thank you for all your support and give you a quick update.

This weekend I ran in the Surrey County Championships for the third year in a row, I’m glad to say that I have retained my 400m Gold Medal Title. Running a time of 48.57 a whole second faster then what I ran last year in a lot worse conditions. I think this a great marker as the speed is getting back to where it was after the hard winter training I hope to see greater improvement as time goes on. On the 2nd and 3rd of June I will be running in Birmingham for the English Championships. If you can make it along that would be great if not they generally put the races online at this event so I’ll send you the links. Ill be in touch soon.

17th April 2012

Another decent run over the weekend clocking a time of 49.07 which is OK for this time of year the conditions are still a little cold. During training I am working hard on speed at the moment because over the winter  I have been working on endurance. It takes time for the muscle to get used to speed so the times will kick in over the next month.

Thank-you [Whatley Lane] so much for the sponsorship I received the other day it will be used to get some new spikes.

2nd April 2012

I raced on the 1st of April achieving a new PB in the 100m of 11.00 this is fantastic as it will improve my 400m time. In the same day I ran the 400m and got a time of 48.90, a solid time for my first outdoor performance of the year. I did feel a little tired having done a new PB in the 100m beforehand so I believe I will drop down a lot faster over the next few races. My next race should be this weekend failing that definitely the next I’ll keep you posted!

Unfortunately even though GAME has been brought I am still left without a job as I was made redundant before the takeover.

Thank-you for your continued support

30th March 2012

I have some good news and bad news. Unfortunately, as I’m sure many of you have heard, GAME GRP has entered administration and closed half of there stores. Unfortunately I was working in one of the stores that closed down and have been made redundant as of today. Working at GAME gave me the flexibility to work and to train and that cannot be compromised in any new job that I enter. Although finding a new job as soon as possible is important it is not as important as competing this year.

This year can be a breakthrough year for me I have been training harder then ever and in my time trials, during training, I have been running faster and faster. The Good news is that the new Season starts on Sunday and I will have had my first outdoor race of the season, although generally slower then the rest of the seasons races the first race is important as a marker of progress, although not the be all and end all, you will now hear a lot more from me over the coming months and hopefully get to see me run.

Thank-you so much for your help

23rd January 2012

Just wanted to update you with some new PBs!!!I have decided to run a few indoors sessions this year as the Athletics calender is a lot different due to the Olympics. It means I have to be faster earlier, which in turn means I have to race earlier to get race fitness and speed in place, so it is ready at the start of the outdoor season.So I decided to enter the SEAA South of England Indoor Championships. I decided this would put me in with fast indoor runners to see where I’m at. I’m happy to say things are looking good I ran a new PB (indoors) of 49.35and I also got a Silver Medal. Although I intended to use this to increase my speed it turned out to be a test of endurance as we had to run 3x400m in one day something many of us had not done before. In the end I timed my races well to qualify with plenty of energy where others had blasted out to fast I had conserved energy for the final which led me to my Silver Medal.Thanks for your support ill be in contact again soon.Regards
Peter Phillips  
1st August 2011

Hi all

On Saturday the 30th I entered the biggest competition of my life, the UK Trials. There were many famous athletes warming up next to me and I realised that I have reached a new high standard in running in a very short amount of time. I was focused and controlled throughout the day and knew that this is the place I am meant to be. The day taught me a lot about myself the way I run and the attitude required to run the 400m. I ran a good strong race finishing 5th unfortunately this was not able to get me into the final (there are no semis at the UK Trials in 400m) I ran 47.88 very close to my PB of 47.85 which shows you that I can preform to my best even with the highest amount of pressure.

I pushed out slowly but powerfully in the first 100m and then down the back straight continued to work hard I was beginning to catch them as we came closer to the finishing line, I was racing Richard Buck and Michael Bingham two of the fastest in the world as I was catching them I realised I must be more aggressive at the start of my race as if I was there at the start with them things could be different so this is what I will continue to work on this season my next race being in two weeks.

As always I thank you for you support.

25th July 2011

GREAT NEWS!!!!! I have been invited to the UK Trials in Birmingham this weekend 29th 30th 31st to run in the 400m. This is by far the biggest competition i have competed in the biggest in the country. It will be televised on BBC 2 at 18.00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Good news on the 16th of July I competed in the English Championships at Bedford the highest level of competition so far in my athletics career. I competed in the 400m it was a wet and windy day so no one’s times where that impressive but in championships its not about time its about getting into the final and running well.

I ran 48.33 in my heat (my second best time ever) and managed to secure an automatic place in the Final. In the Final I was running in lane eight against senior Olympic Medalist (Robert Tobin) Under 23 champion (Chris Clarke) and south of England Champions as well.
I decided to hit the first 200m hard as I new these guys are top runners which I believe worked in my favour as we came to the bend only one or two where ahead of me. Coming into the home straight I put in a lot of extra effort and pushed all the way to the line, I managed to come in 5th which was a strong performance I also managed to beat Chris Clarke my first scalp of many.
The winning time was 46.50 a quick time but puts into perspective the conditions as this man is capable of running 45.50 I myself ran 48.50 which means its my first time running 48 twice in a row, add some better conditions and this would be 47 twice in a row. By the end of the year I expect to be running low 47s possibly 46s as I believe I can still improve my technique.

Thank-you all for your Support! Peter

5th June 2011
I have been very busy over the last few weeks running in lots of competitions.
First of all after winning the Surrey Championships (14th of May) I was entered into the CAU Inter-Counties (29th of May) which is a competition between the fastest in each county. I ran well in the first heat and was able to relax to a 49.93 qualifying time, in the semi final I was in lane 8 so went out hard as I knew there would be good competition on the inside of me but the standard was too high for me I came in 7th and could not continue in that competition to qualify for the final I would have had to run 47, but the tactic was correct as i ran a fast 49.35 in windy conditions.
Going out hard at the start though, showed me a new way to run the 400m.
A week later I ran in the British Athletics League (4th June) all the way down in Exeter after realizing that i now must push harder in the first Two hundred I put this plan of action into force and it got me a new PB of 48.35 a massive half a second off my previous PB and in windy conditions. It ranks me in the top 50 UK runners and brings me very close to the 47 mark required to enter the UK Trials. I am now able to run in many more competitions as I have the qualifying time, but it will mean that I have to travel all over the country and often stay over night that will not be possible without the continued support of my sponsors.
On a club level I also beat the Herne Hill Harriers Club record in the 4×400 relays by 1.2 seconds I brought it down to 3.15.40 this record had been standing for 20 years. This season has only just begun and I am breaking records and getting PBs the only way is up. Thank You for helping me get there!
17th April 2011
“I went to a low key open meeting at Walton on Thames and ran a strong 400m I won in 49.19 which represents a strong start to the season.”

Running like the wind!

15th May 2011 – Read all about it!

6th July 2011 –
Good news the weekend just gone has brought me two new PBs for the 100m 11.07 two tenths off, and more importantly the 400m 47.85 another massive half a second off my previous time. So far this year, I have taken more then a second off my PB (year on year) in 400m, I have established myself in the top 50 UK rankings, 37th, and am only 0.05 away from UK Trial Qualification. Things are moving forward. “
Peter Phillips