Debt and Landlord & Tenant

We understand that times are hard and debt is increasingly causing stress in all aspects of life. We are able to advise on all debt matters including personal bankruptcy, debt collection & if necessary deal with Court Proceedings. We have a history of successful repossession of rented property (landlords) and also acting in defence against repossession (tenants and mortgage borrowers).

Contact Fiona Borley who will be able to provide an initial assessment and discuss a payment plan to suit you.


If you are owed money:

If you believe you or your company are owed money by an individual or a company we can help you recover it.

All debt recovery actions should start with a thorough assessment of the debt, remember that interest, court fees and fixed solicitors’ costs should all be added to the sum owed.  In addition to assessing the actual amount we will look at the likelihood of recovery, sometimes the debtor simply has no assets and we will always advise you when recovery is likely to be impossible.

Once the assessment has been carried out we will send your first ‘letter before action’ to the debtor, this is a legal requirement and we ensure that the contents of the letter are in the prescribed form.

The letter before action gives the debtor seven days to reply, we will receive the reply and let you know what it is, and what it means.

Once you have in indication of the debtor’s intentions, whether they be to pay all the money, pay part of the money, defend the claim or simply ignore it, we will advise you on the next steps.  Several options are available and we will always discuss their cost with you when advising on which one to take. 

Our aim is to help you recover what is due to you, with the minimum cost, and to avoid involving you in expensive recoveries where there are no assets to recover.

If you owe money:

We understand that times are hard at the moment, and debt is causing increasing stress in many aspects of life.  The most important thing to remember is that debt doesn’t go away by itself !  An ignored debt simply gets bigger and can result in you paying interest on the debt, the creditor’s legal fees and court fees, all on top of what you actually owe.

We can help by advising on the enforceability of your debts, explaining what will happen if you are taken to court and by negotiating with your creditors.  If you own a property and have unsecured loans you should be aware that these can be converted into loans secured upon your property, if you do not keep up loan repayments your home will be at risk. 

Contact us for a fixed fee interview for an assessment of your current commitments and advice on dealing with them.

Landlord & Tenant


We have a strong history of acting on behalf of landlords.  If you have a tenant who hasn’t paid their rent, or is causing you problems, contact us for advice on how to deal with them.  We regularly recover tenanted property for landlords and we also advise on pursuing non-paying tenants for the recovery of rent. 

Evicting tenants can be a long process, we will always advise you on the best course of action and give you as accurate an idea of the cost as we can.


If you are threatened with eviction don’t bury your head in the sand. Contact us for advice on your rights and a clear explanation of the options open to you.  We can negotiate with your landlord on your behalf and represent you in court, if matters go that far.