Fixed Fee Divorce


We appreciate that when you are going through divorce this can be a very stressful period and the costs of the process can be an additional worry.

We believe it is helpful for Clients to know at the outset what their divorce costs will be and therefore we are pleased to be able to offer a fixed fee payments plan.

What does the fixed fee cover?

Our fixed fee payment plan covers all the standard work, from our first initial meeting with you through to the pronouncement of the Decree Absolute.

Our fee is £750 plus VAT and Court fees/disbursements:-

Fee paid to Court for filing Petition                                £340.00

Fee paid to Court for the Decree Absolute                    £  45.00

The fees are payable by instalments as follows:-

1.         £600 – at your first meeting, when we will take your full instructions

2.         £400.00 – before sending the Divorce Petition to the Court for issue

3.         £285.00 – on the application for the Decree Nisi

What work is not included in the fixed fee?

  • Amending the petition following issue or acting for you if the petition is defended.
  • The cost of obtaining a certified copy of your marriage certificate, if you have mislaid or do not have the original.
  • In the event that there is difficulty with serving or proving service of the petition, the cost of organizing a bailiff or personal service or for applying for deemed or substituted service of the petition.
  • Advice relating to financial settlement or children
  • The fee for swearing an affidavit in support of petition
  • Protracted negotiations.

It is possible that an order can be made in the course of the proceedings stating that your spouse should pay some or all of your fees.  If your spouse does not pay, the fixed fee will not cover our fees to enforce the order and you will need to decide whether you would wish us to pursue the matter or whether you would rather do so personally.

Often, following the breakdown of a marriage, consideration will need to be given to a financial settlement or achieving a financial clean break between you.  Further, arrangements may need to be agreed regarding your children.  On these matters you will need separate advice and the additional cost will depend on your individual circumstances and how complex the matter is.  Advice on such matters is charged at an hourly rate and can be discussed at our first meeting.

To apply for your Decree Nisi you will need to swear an affidavit confirming the contents of your divorce petition are true.  You can swear the affidavit for free at the Court or alternatively you can go to another Solicitor to swear the affidavit when you will be charged in the region of £7.00

Other terms and conditions may apply.

We should be pleased to meet with you and to support you fully through the divorce process.  Should you require any further information or wish to make an appointment please telephone us on 01638 561133 and ask for Sophie McCadney.