Sellers Guide

Sellers Guide

Appoint your Solicitor

You will need to provide your mortgage account number or if you have no mortgage, advise where your Title Deeds are so they can prepare the contract for sending out to your purchasers solicitors as soon as you have found a purchaser.

Visit your Local Estate Agents and enquire what percentage they will charge for selling your home. This can be anything from 1% to 2% of the selling price but will of course vary from Estate Agent to Estate Agent.

As soon as you have sold your property, contact your solicitor and give the name and telephone number of the Estate Agents and let them know how much you have sold for.

Give your house a spring clean and pack anything you do not need to save time later.


Start looking round for a removal company and obtain quotations.

Once you have exchanged contracts and have a fixed completion date you will need to contact the following.

Arrange your removals and pay your deposits



  • 14 days before the move contact your supplier to give date of move and new address details
  • Book a meter reading on the move date


  • 14 days before the move contact your supplier to give date of move and new address details
  • Book a meter reading on the move date


  • Contact your supplier to give date of move and new address details
  • Check to see if you are due a refund for any advanced payment or if this can be transferred to new address
  • Check the water will be connected in your new property. If not arrange the connection 2 days prior to move in


  • 14 days contact your service provider to discuss telephone number, keeping old or having new
  • Internet/broadband access. Cancel existing service. Check coverage for new area and order what you require


  • Bank & Building Society: notify new address. Check if branch will change or remain the same
  • Loans and credit cards: notify new address
  • HP/Direct Debits & Standing Orders: send new address
  • Pension/s: notify your provider or employer as relevant and of any new bank details
  • Stocks & Shares: write to address on share certificates and dividend vouchers advising new address
  • Premium Bond and National Savings Certificates: send new address
  • Financial Advisors and Accountant: as relevant
  • Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise: as relevant


  • Buildings & Contents: check if your new home is covered from exchange of contracts.
  • Arrange to keep your current building insurance until the day you move out
  • Life Assurance/other covers: notify these providers of your new address
  • Motor insurance: Get a quote for cover at new address and arrange cover from move in date
  • RAC/AA Breakdown Recovery: Advise as relevant


  • Redirect mail (contact Royal Mail)
  • Order change of address cards
  • Cancel newspapers
  • Cancel milk/grocery delivery
  • Notify security alarm company
  • Notify dentist
  • Subscriptions change of address
  • Doctor’s surgery (if changing practice arrange transfer of notes)
  • Return library books
  • Re-arrange pet registration (if tagged)
  • Vet surgery (if changing practice arrange transfer of notes)
  • TV licence change of address
  • Friends & relatives change of address cards
  • Children’s schools/colleges change of address
  • Vehicle licence DVLA change of address